What Are Insects

Insects are creatures that help keep our environments clean and free of debris.  Many insects are helpful and we want them around.  Insects such as ladybugs, caterpillars and butterflies are all insects that we want to have around our homes.  Ticks and mosquitoes on the other hand, are insects that we want to get rid of since they do damage and cause harm.  To achieve this goal, tick control services in Newton is a great way to get started.

Removes the dead

One of the primary functions of an insect is to remove the dead and decaying from the world.  This might sound a little morbid, however, without insects our world would simply be overrun with death and decay.  What an insect will do is they will find a dead and decaying body such as leaves, an animal or whatever.  It will then enter into that body and start consuming the flesh or contents for food.  Afterword’s, it will lay its eggs and start the process all over again.

Harmful insects

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There are also going to be harmful insects.  Insects such as ticks, mosquitoes, lice will all pray on us and our world.  A tick is a creature that hides in wait and will bite onto us, consume our blood and then spread disease.  The same goes for the mosquito and lice. 

The diseases that these insects carry can cause us to become very sick and in some extreme cases, even die.  This is why it is important that we keep these insects in check and ensure that they don’t go where they shouldn’t and cause us damage.

So why not just destroy them all?

Well, it sounds like a lovely solution, but you need to realize that we are all in a balance.  The tocks, mosquitoes and other insects are food sources for larger creatures.  Take away the ticks and mosquitoes and these creatures will starve and so down the line.